Xiaowulai Waterfall Live Cam

Live webcam shows the Skywalk glass bridge at Xiaowulai Waterfall in Taiwan Province of China. The eleven-meter-long glass bridge locates in the gorge at an altitude of 70 meters above the bottom of the waterfall. The bridge is made of tempered glass. The camera in real-time broadcasts views of the bridge and the upper bowl of the Xiaowulai waterfall. On the bridge, you can watch the tourists who were not afraid to go out on the glass, as well as those who did not dare to do so. Sometimes splashing water from a waterfall, interacting with the sun's rays, form a bright rainbow, which can also be seen on the live broadcast from this camera. The Skywalk Suspension Glass Bridge and Xiaowulai Waterfall are local tourist attractions. To see them, it is not necessary to buy air tickets to Taiwan. Instead, you can turn on this live cam and enjoy the bridge and waterfall in real-time. Live broadcasting is around the clock.

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