Shikhmen Reservoir Live Cam

Live webcam shows different views of the Shikhmen reservoir and the Shikhmen dam in Taiwan in real-time. Shikhmen dam is the main stone dam across the Daan River in the northern part of Taoyuan. It forms the Shikhmen Reservoir, the third largest reservoir in Taiwan. Shihmen Reservoir is reputed for its beautiful lake and mountain views all year round. The reservoir offers green parks, bikeways, lake yachts, dam, spillway, wharf, Xizhou Park, Maple Park, Nanyuan Ecological Park, etc. Shihmen Reservoir is also a great place to admire the magnificent beauty of flowers and leaves. Fiery maple leaves and snow-white plum blossoms catch your eye in the wintertime. The peach, cherry, and azalea bloom to compete for visitors' attention with their captivating beauty when spring comes. In the rainy season, Shihmen Dam will discharge its water, providing a spectacular view that attracts many tourists.

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