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Hauraki Gulf
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Royal Albatross Colony
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Wellington Airport
Live cam in Wellington, North Island, New Zealand

New Zealand is a mysterious country in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean, located on two large islands - North and South, and about seven hundred other small islands. New Zealand is, in fact, a mystery country and a tidbit for lovers of exotic travel. The country, due to its geographical location, is somewhat isolated from the rest of the world. New Zealand's closest major neighbor is Australia, which is 1,700 kilometers away and separated by the Tasman Sea. The population of the country is not very large - 4.95 million people. The capital is the city of Wellington with a population of 418,500 people.

The South and North Islands are separated from each other by the Cook Strait. The largest island of New Zealand is the South Island, through which the Southern Alps range stretches with the country's highest point - Mount Cook (3754 meters). The east of the island is covered for the most part by plains used for agriculture. The western part is more famous for its glaciers, fjords and numerous natural beauties. Despite the fact that the North Island is somewhat smaller, it is here that most of the New Zealand population lives in view of the flat landscape and many convenient harbors and bays. Although here there are serious mountains, such as the Ruapehu volcano with a height of 2797 meters. In the middle of the island is the largest lake in the whole country, Lake Taupo, from which the main river of the country, Waikato, 425 kilometers long, originates.

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