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Varna Cityscapes
Live cam in Varna, Varna Province, Bulgaria
Burgas Cityscapes
Live cam in Burgas, Burgas Province, Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a real pearl of the Balkan Peninsula, a country of ongoing tourist interest in Southeast Europe. People come here in summer for the legendary golden sandy beaches, in autumn for wine tasting and cultural festivals, in winter for ski resorts and magnificent views of snow-capped mountain peaks. At all times, a trip to Bulgaria promised a lot of interesting things.

Bulgaria is a country with a very ancient history. This is a real crossroads between Europe and the East, the Christian and Islamic worlds, the focus of cultures, traditions and religions. Here, on the same street, you can see an Orthodox cathedral, a wooden mansion in the Ottoman tradition, the ruins of a fortress from the time of the Thracians. The capital of Bulgaria, the city of Sofia, boasts a solid chronicle of historical events and many monuments of the past. Tourists often choose Sofia as the starting point of their travels: the hospitality industry is excellently developed here. Traveling around Bulgaria will give you many interesting acquaintances. This is the ancient capital of the Bulgarian kingdom, the city of Veliko Tarnovo, and a magnificent monastery in the mountains, the ancient Rila Monastery, and one of the oldest cities on the planet, the luminary from the era of antiquity - Plovdiv. 10 natural and man-made sites in Bulgaria are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

We have several webcams broadcasting from Bulgaria. Watch live on the streets of Burgas, Varna, Sofia and other cities. Enjoy the beauty of Bulgaria with Tabi.cam!

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