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O'Connell Street
Live cam in Dublin, Leinster, Ireland
Saint Brigid’s Church
Live cam in Dunleer, Leinster, Ireland
Dublin Cityscapes
Live cam in Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

Ireland is a state and an island in Northern Europe, on the border with Great Britain. Almost a quarter of the country's population lives in the capital city of Dublin. The length of the island from east to west is about 300 kilometers, from north to south - 450 kilometers. In the east it is washed by the Irish Sea, in the west, north and south it borders on the Atlantic Ocean. The joint border with Great Britain is 360 kilometers. The highest geographical point of the island is Mount Carantuill, its height is 1041 meters.

Ireland is rightfully considered one of the best places to spend your vacation, which is different from a beach holiday in the resorts of the Mediterranean Sea. There are other points that attract travelers here: the presence of an extensive excursion program, due to the historical past of the country, the famous Irish beer, unforgettable nature rightfully attract many European tourists here.

We have several webcams broadcasting from Ireland. Watch live on the streets of Dublin, Dunleer, Cork and other cities. Enjoy the beauty of Ireland with!

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