Denmark Webcams

Take a virtual trip to Denmark through live cams
Fehmarnbelt Tunnel
Live cam in Rødby, Zealand, Denmark
Henne Beach
Live cam in Henne, Southern Denmark, Denmark
Nuuk Airport
Live cam in Nuuk, Greenland, Denmark
Ringkøbing Fjord
Live cam in Hvide Sande, Central Denmark, Denmark
Cold Hawaii
Live cam in Klitmøller, North Denmark, Denmark

The Kingdom of Denmark is located on the Jutland Peninsula in Northern Europe. Denmark has about 400 islands, 90 of which are inhabited. One of these islands is Zealand, and it is on it that the capital of the country, Copenhagen, is located. In addition to the territory of Denmark itself, the state also includes some former Danish colonies, among them Greenland and the Faroe Islands. By sea, the Kingdom borders with Norway and Sweden, and by land - with Germany. The maritime border with Germany passes through the Fehmarn Belt, the Kiel Bay and the Baltic Sea. On the eastern side, Denmark's border with Sweden lies through the Kattegat and Øresund straits. Denmark also includes the eastern part of the North Sea shelf.

Denmark is called the European Pearl. Cleanliness, greenery, roofs of brand new houses, rich architectural sights of Denmark - all this attracts tourists from all over the world. There is always something to visit and see.

We have several webcams broadcasting from Denmark. Watch live on the streets of Copenhagen, Klitmøller, Nuuk and other cities. Enjoy the beauty of Denmark with!

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