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Amman Cityscapes
Live cam in Amman, Central Region, Jordan

The Kingdom of Jordan is an oriental exotic with a completely European style of tourist infrastructure. This country has witnessed great historical eras, and modern Jordan offers tourists a rich excursion program - the Dead Sea, diving, snorkeling and the vast expanses of the Wadi Rum desert. A country with a thousand-year history - the cradle of civilization, one of the main cultural centers in the Middle East - is actively developing its tourism potential.

Holidays in Jordan are mainly chosen by family tourists with an average and higher income level, who want to improve their health and rejuvenate in spa centers with a powerful arsenal of healing waters and mud, and at the same time enrich themselves spiritually by traveling around legendary sights with excursions. A separate category of travelers in Jordan are pilgrims and people simply passionate about world history and art: the kingdom is proud of its ancient monuments, many of which are associated with biblical stories. You can travel around a relatively small area of ​​the country in a few days, and then enjoy a beach holiday in the seaside resort of Aqaba.

We have several webcams broadcasting from Jordan. Watch live on the streets of Amman, Zarqa, Irbid and other cities. Enjoy the beauty of Jordan with!

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