Daxi Bridge Live Cam

Live webcam shows different views of the Daxi Bridge and its surroundings in real-time. The bridge connects the two banks of the Dahan River and is located just below the Zhongzheng Park in the Daxi district of Taoyuan city in Taiwan Province of China. Daxi Bridge is accessible only to pedestrians and cyclists. On the left bank of the Dahan River, a bicycle path adjoins the bridge. At night on the bridge, bright lights turn on, which adds charm to the night landscape of the Dahan River. The bridge was built in 1934 in the Baroque style, similar to the buildings on the Daxi Old Street. Initially, the bridge was bamboo-wooden, but it was rebuilt twice due to damage caused by typhoons. The last repair was carried out in 2001. The modern Daxi bridge has 13 supports (you can also see it's on the webcam) and a length of 330 meters. In Taoyuan, the Daxi Bridge is also known as the «Lover's Bridge». It is popular with tourists visiting Daxi Old Street, as It is nearby and is equipped with recreation areas. Live online broadcasting is carried out around the clock in real-time in high definition Full HD.

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