Puji Road & Heping Road Live Cam

Live webcam shows the Daxi Old Street, in Daxi District of ​​Taoyuan City, Taiwan. The camera is installed at the crossroads of Puji Road and Heping Road and shows various views of local attractions in real-time. Daxi was the earliest developed area in Taoyuan. Thanks to small sailboats sailing between Dahan Creek and Tamsui River, Daxi had a thriving trade with China, and its prosperity brought success to many stores and business people. During the Japanese occupation period of the Taisho era, Baroque architecture was the popular building style. Therefore, many stores along Heping Road and Zhongshan Road were built in the Baroque style but decorated with Baroque ornamentation and Min-nan's characteristic totems in Southern China. In addition, specialty shops and food stands on the street always attract many tourists.

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