Great Horned Owl Nest Live Cam

Live webcam shows a nest of the Great Horned Owl in Montana (USA) in real-time. This nest is located in western Montana near the Ninepipes Nature Reserve, where Great Horned Owls nest every year. The Great Horned Owl owl is one of the most magnificent species of owls. It is known for its deep scream, frightening yellow-eyed look, and long bunches similar to ear. Because of these bunches, it was nicknamed the «great horned». The diet of the Great Horned Owl is diverse. Mostly these owls eat birds and mammals. Their menu includes tiny rodents, mice, gophers, hares, geese, and rabbits. It has also been observed that these birds of prey can feed on bats, skunks, steppe dogs, marmots, squirrels, crows, hawks, pigeons, starlings, grebes, ducks, porcupines. Also, eat insects, reptiles, invertebrates, fish, and sometimes carrion.

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