Osprey Nest in the Caledonian Forest Live Cam

Live webcam shows the nest of the osprey in the Caledonian Forest in real-time. This forest is in Scotland. Before cutting down, the Caledonian Forest covered a significant part of Scotland. However, due to cutting down trees and other human economic activities, only about 1 percent of the territory of this relic forest has been preserved in 35 isolated areas in the northwest of the Grampian Mountains and the Scottish Highlands. With the help of this live web camera, you can watch the life of a couple of osprey named Louis and Aila, who nest on this site every year. Video broadcast from the webcam is in real-time. The nest locates near Loch Arkaig Lake. The Osprey is a bird of prey, the ratio of which is almost entirely (more than 99 percent) consists of fish.

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