Takamatsu Port Live Cam

Watch in real-time a magnificent overview of Sunport district along the seaside of Takamatsu Port (高松港) and harbor in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. In the city of Takamatsu, Takamatsu Port is the main entry point to Shikoku Island, through the Seto Inland Sea. It features a cruise port and also a ferry terminal, seen on the right-hand side. The district around the port is called Sunport Takamatsu, which includes the skyscraper Takamatsu Symbol Tower (where the webcam is located), a shopping center, a hotel, a railway station, and beautiful gardens - as you have a glimpse here. On the left-hand side is the Sunport Fountain, the exquisite rooftop of a restaurant on the promenade, the scenic pier leading to Takamatsu Harbor, and the Tamamo Lighthouse. Sunport Takamatsu is very popular for walking and watching the sunset.

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