Saint Benedict Square Live Cam

Live webcam broadcasts a view of Saint Benedict Square (Piazza San Benedetto) in the town of Norcia in Italy. The camera is installed on the building of the Museum of Castellina and in real-time shows the square of St. Benedict, in the center of which is a monument to St. Benedict. On the right side of the broadcast, you can see the monastery of St. Benedict (adjacent to Saint Benedict Square, destroyed by an earthquake on October 30, 2016). The main basilica is dedicated to St. Benedict and is associated with the current Benedictine monastery, the monastery of St. Benedict. Although this building was built in the 13th century, it stood on the remains of one or more small Roman buildings, sometimes considered the Roman Basilica, or the house in which the twin saints Benedict and Scholastic were born. The facade in the Gothic style is characterized by a central pink window and a relief depicting four evangelists. Inside the fresco of the Resurrection of Lazarus (1560) was painted by Michelangelo Carducci.

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