Saint-Malo Coastline Live Cam

Saint-Malo live webcam translates various views of the city and the coast from the building of the local tourist center. The camera in real-time shows the National Fort, the islands of Gran Be and Petit Be (with the grave of Chateaubriand), the beach of Eventail, the ancient city hall building, and other attractions. In the far left position of the webcam, you can see the Cathedral of St. Vincent in Saint-Malo. It is interesting to watch the ebbs and tides, during which the waters of the English Channel recede for several hundred meters, exposing sandy beaches and rocky islands. The water level changes so much that the piers and the Saint-Malo embankment are completely on land (it is visible in one webcam's position). During strong outflows, coastal islands become part of the land. Therefore, the webcam often shows views of the sea. In the coastal waters of Saint-Malo, you can see ships, yachts, sailing boats, and kite surfers.

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