Baquedano Square Live Cam

This city's live view comes to you from Santiago, the lively capital of Chile. The HD Webcam stream shows you Plaza Baquedano square, also known as Plaza Italia. In the center of the roundabout stands the sculpture of General Manuel Jesús Baquedano González, a 19th-century war hero, and a politician. On the left-hand side, you see another beautiful sculpture called Monumento al Genio de la Libertad (Monument to the genius of freedom) brought to this location at Chile's centenary in September 1910. Due to protests at this place since October 2019, this grand square is commonly called Plaza Dignidad (Dignity Square). You can also see here some of the main streets of Santiago, Mapocho River on the left, and the entrance to Baquedano metro station on the right. Enjoy the beauty of Chile with